Organic Ceylon Cinnamon - Cinamomum zylanicum

Cinamomum Zylanicum or True Ceylon Cinnamon is an indigenous plant to Sri Lanka. Due to its unique, quality, colour, flavour and aroma and it has a long standing reputation in the international market. Hence, 80% - 90% of the true cinnamon is supplied by Sri Lanka. It has a high content of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and antimicrobial properties. With compared to fake cassia, true cinnamon has very low coumarin content.


We are a high quality organic cinnamon exporter in Sri Lanka. Our product is carefully harvested, processed and packed in FSSC 22000, HACCP and BRC certified factories.


Available: Bale, Cut, Chips, Tea Bag Cut and Powder


Common Names: Sweet Cinnamon, True Cinnamon


SYNONYMS: Cinnamomum verum

Apart from the exotic flavour, taste and aroma cinnamon has many medicinal properties such as,

  • Lowers swelling and pain

  • Protects heart health

  • Fight diabetes

  • Improve brain function

  • Dental care

  • Natural food preservative

  • Skin care

  • Weight loss

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How to use
  • Cinnamon tea

  • A flavouring agent in cuisines

  • To produce medicines

  • Used in dessert

  • In perfumes

  • In cosmetics etc

We can supply you organic Cinnamon bale, cut, chips or powder in value added packs or in bulk. For more details please contact us

Scientific classification

Kingdom:       Plantae

Clade:            Angiosperms

Clade:            Magnoliids

Order:            Laurales

Family:           Lauraceae

Genus:           Cinnamomum

Species:        Cinnamomum zeylanicum

  • Boil one and a half cup of water

  • Add a 3 inch cinnamon stick broken to pieces, closed and in low heat for 10 to 15 minutes for better brewing

  • When the water boils. Take the the pan out of fire and keep it to cool for 15 to 25 minutes

  • Straign and serve the tea with or without sweetner

How to make Cinnamon Tea
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