Tender Jackfruit (Polos)

Jack has been a staple food in the South Asian region from the golden old age. The fruit of the Jack tree is full of nutrients and a very good protein source. The fruit can be consumed in 3 stages,

  • Tender Jackfruit (Polos) as a curry

  • Matured Jackfruit (Kos) as a curry

  • Ripped Jackfruit (Waraka) as a fruit

Tender jackfruit when cooked give a meat like texture and taste. It is a very good substitute for meat. Can cook to your taste, use in your burger or barbecue. You will be amazed with the texture and the taste. Good for vegan lovers.

We as an organic agricultural product exporter, we offer you the best quality product processed in ISO 22000 certified factories. 

Product is available in dried form and in jars. Please contact us for more details.

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